Thursday, December 30, 2010

Learning to Live

  This last year was the busiest year of my life. CCWR Worship Arts has grown so much. One Music Inc. put out its first live CD/DVD, we developed a mentorship program for musicians, and started a new online evangelistic tool that as over 30,000 viewers in 2 months.
   I can't tell you how much I grew this last year. It was a year of sacrifice for me and my wife though. She has been growing and learning how to run a photography business(with a side job), and I have countless hours of being consumed on and off the clock. I love my job and the opportunities it brings, but I found that I barely remember any of this last year. When I close my eyes and try to remember what happened this past year I see myself and my wife in front of a computer screen.
I don't care for that to much. 
    Belen and I have prayed and talked thought this last year and came up with something we think is really cool. We have started a blog that will be full of text, videos, and pictures of this next year. We have committed to creating a year of memories with each other, our family, and our friends. We have created a list of exciting, fun, and new memory making things to do. We have committed to trying to create a memory everyday of the year. Some things will be as simple as taking a walk somewhere we have never been and some bigger events with many people involved. We are doing this with a two part vision. One...for me and Belen to reconnect and learn how to live our lives making memories with each other. Two is to inspire others to change the way we "veg." To go from the primary form of entertainment being what computers, televisions, and internet feeds us to creating a system and environment perfect for creating long lasting memories.
    This is still a work in process but me and belen and excited and ready to start. we are working on the website and blog now and it should be up on new years day with our very first memory.

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