Saturday, November 6, 2010

Text Messages and Bubble Gum

I get a lot of these really long text messages from a select group of friends.
This is the way it goes down.
I get the first text. I open it and I read the first two lines. Then abruptly my phone vibrates and beeps with part two of the message. I close out part two and start reading part one again. Then once again right on time part three shows up.
At this point, I just read part three hoping it will just make since, it doesn't.
So finally I just put my phone down and wait for the text-a-holic on the other side to finish sending me an entire chapter in Matthew. I then, with hesitation, pick up my phone, and sift through the messages.

 No matter how many times someone sends me a book as a text message my phone always calculates the exact amount it will receives and splits it up accordingly. That's because that is the way it was designed.

   There are some expectations we put on ourselves that we are not designed to do. You wonder why you are so burnt out, confused, cluttered, and need another vacation right after you just took one. It's probably because you are trying to force something that is not your natural design.

I loved bubble gum as a kid. I would take 5 pieces, put them in my mouth, and blow these giant bubbles that mom got the privilege of cutting out of my hair later. You learn pretty quickly the principles of tension.

Just like that bubble and just like those text messages, there is only so much you can take/do and then your natural, God given design kicks in. I'd encourage you to take a step back, pray, find out what your God given limits are, and embrace them.

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  1. wow. timely. and excellent.

    glad i found your blog. love the design. :)