Thursday, November 4, 2010

Don't be so Predictable

When you get done laughing at the kid version of me, read this note. 
Obviously from this image, as a kid I had very little appreciation for what was cool around me or applying it to my life. I wanted to do my own thing even if it meant I looked weird or strange. Im gonna get the point quickly. I didn't just put this pic up so it could leave a haunting impression in your brain forever. As a kid, for whatever reason, I didn't walk down the same path as everyone else. The result of that is that I experienced and saw things from a very interesting view of life. That life style has followed me into my twenties. You see, TO ENJOY LIFE YOU MUST BE A PERSON OF EXPOSURE. What I mean is if you keep going down the same paths everyday, never meeting anyone new, never doing something you have never done, then you will find yourself in a very predictable place. Yes! predictable feels safe and secure, but all the while the beauties of life are moving all around you and you wont be able to see see them because fear, security, safety, and predictability have blinded you. 

Today try this
1. Pray for God to lead every step of your day
2. be intentional about looking for things you have never experienced
3. be bold and step out of you area of comfort

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