Thursday, November 4, 2010

Clayton's Story

before you read this take a sec and watch this 6 min vid about clayton CLICK HERE
Every time I hear this story it brings me to tears. I really relate with Clayton’s desire to see people come to the Lord, but more than anything I am convicted by the lack of urgency I feel. I make these giant plans and I live like I have a surplus of time and life here on earth will never swiftly come to an end. If you are from the Warner Robins area then you know you almost can’t get anywhere without traveling down Houston Lake rd. Right in the middle of this stretch of road is a funeral home. I pass it 3 to 4 times a week and just like working out it keeps me healthy. It is a constant reminder to live life with an urgency of Love, to trust that every encounter I have is meant for my good, and to enjoy God and others and let God and others enjoy me. 

I will say plainly what is on my mind. I hate it when I look back on my week or I reflect on my month and no real, sincere encounter stands out. When I say encounter I don’t mean the churchy definition. I mean things like a lunch with a friend where you connect in a big way. A living room conversation that turns into a beautiful holy prayer ground. A date night with my wife where I discover something new I have never seen before. I don’t want to look back or reflect and all I see is what I didn't do or how much money I did or didn’t make. Also Im not talking about going out and making something happen. Just opening up your eyes to the beautiful that is right in front of you and begin to discover.

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