Thursday, November 4, 2010

Prison Break

I have really been trying to get use to life post One Project. My schedule has slowed down and life has over all gotten back to normal. In many ways I feel like a car that has slammed on its brakes. I have time to "blow." I have the freedom to lay on my couch all monday and watch the first season of Prison Break. It's kinda strange because my body is slowing down but my brain has not slowed down yet. As I look over the different areas of my life, I have been tempted to get busy and continue at the pace I have been at even though I know I need to take a step back and rest. I'm really trying to take the advise of Erwin Mcmanus. Don’t try to be the person thats constantly breathing out and take some time to breath in. So, this week I have decided to wake up to my home to-do list, go to the church with my desk piling up with clutter, turn the nagging desire and the Prison to be busy off and get back to some basics. Investing into my personal relationship with God, Loving on my beautiful wife, and reconnecting with friends. 
  Even though my logic is telling me you need to make a giant to-do list and start hacking at it, I have to take the time to breathe life into my spirit and teach my flesh how its gonna be. It's always great to hear a confirmation from the One I call my Savior that I am on the right track. Literally, today in the middle of the 6th episode of Prison Break I hear God whisper to me. You are exactly where I want you to be! I love it!

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