Thursday, November 4, 2010

God, Wife, and friends

I’ve really enjoyed the past 2 weeks. I’ve just been living in the 3 things God asked me to do. 1. Reconnect with Him 2. Reconnect with with my wife 3. Reconnect with my friends.
honestly all 3 have happened in a very different way than i planned(which is usually how things go down in my life). I've been trying to get back in on a routine with prayer and bible study but it has really been a fight everyday. Maybe its the spoiled part of me that has unlimited access to powerful music and dynamic sermons as easy as a 2 min download, but it has been so hard to just sit with my Bible and read. I actually started writing this blog because I got bored. haha. I really am just praying for new vision and outlook in the scripture. One thing i have truly learned about God is he loves to make me play this game called "wait for what feels like forever." I mean come on God get on bored lets pop this thing in the microwave and get on with it. I hope you don't take my rant seriously and rip it apart with a magnifying glass. I'm just trying to be as they say "real"...or as we say in church "authentic." The real talk for me is that God has reminded me over the past 2 weeks that life with him is not about trying to get somewhere. I like many others can make something that is suppose to be pure, holy, and sacred and make it into work. So I’m praying and asking God to rearrange me so I can not just understand relationship with Him...but also feel it beating in my chest! As far as the rest of my life its amazing. I have spent some wonderful quality time with my wife.We have definitely reconnected in a big way. We spent a couple days in Atl this past week and it was great. The best part was the ride there and the ride back. We were able to talk without an ipod, cell phone, or other distractor interrupting us. It’s always pretty awesome to really get into a conversation with one of your favorite people in the world.  Also, I’m writing this on my ipod coming back from the beach for memorial day with a couple of my best friends. We had amazing time together. There it easy as 123. Reconnect to God, to my wife, and my friends. Life is good! Yes that pic is me with a giant chocolate and carmel covered apple. delicious!

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